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Jun 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
quote co. federal hill join us with more on today's hometown hotspot. - why did grilled cheesee nd co. want to get involved? - how will you be supporting the animal allies rescue 33are ? you? 3
Jun 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
quote to bedazzle us, to enthrall us, which means enslave us just as it has been all through human history.
Jun 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
quote out licenses to television stations. those stations, in turn, use that spectrum to get enormous amounts of money from special interests and from members of congress in order to send these ads back to us to influence us. so we lose it in both ways. the other day, the president of cbs, les moonves, was reported by bloomberg to have said, "super pacs may be bad for america, but they're good for cbs." i mean, there it is. this is a windfall every
Jun 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
requires that anyone who finds a way to make use of such riches by applying labor or technology or risk taking are required to pay royalties of unknown amounts. potentially billions, possibly tens of billions. over an extended period, ill-defined period of time to the new international sea bed authority for distributions to less developed countries. this in my view is a new idea of enormous consequence. it establishes a way of looking at industry investment and talent, risk, and good fortune that argues in favor of distributing a significant portion of the minerals in the deep sea beds to developing countries. i suppose it's also conceivable that it could be a precedent for the resources of outer space. the principal that advanced countries when they make use that belonged to no one owe royalties to less developed countries is a novel principal that has no clear limits. i know of no other treaty that follows that pattern. the idea is fundamental and integral. the major reason i believe we should not so that treaty ratified. i don't argue against developed countries providing financial a
Jun 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
quote the word sponsorship and use the word partership because it means we're in this as my wife would say for the long term. >> and sponsorship is fine but it means long-term sustaining in another form, television. where are you today and in the future. >> we start a ten-year agreement with the golf channel. it's a ten-year deal and gives us a home. i think you'll definitely see an intermix where you'll see us playing in other coutries just one time to create interest in that country for a few years and then be able to move to other coutries and then the last i hope you'll see in the next five years is an are yo a renewed ne exposure and that's what i'd
FOX News
Jun 28, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote billion. that's coming from new york times. >> a lot more. >>> the air bus factory. the u.s. is getting an air bus factory. >> boeing rival air bus is setting up stocks in mobile alabama to make the jet. this is a popular plane american, all orders the a 320. they use it. maybe we could hire some
Jun 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
to fisa officials. this whole idea of us holding a hearing about fisa and nobody from fisa is here, it's part of the problem. we want to talk to the director. >> let me say for those who have missed it, this is a rare chance to see bipartisan ship in action, you have the republicans supporting the obama administration and the democrats criticizing the obama administration. and i hope that everybody in the room duly notes that. i would point out that since the faa amendments of 2008, there has been no federal court to my knowledge that has declared any part of the faa amendments. called a clapper versus amnesty international but that is on the question of standing, rather than on the question of fourth amendment violations. it is now my pleasure to produce today's witnesses. his practice focuses on corporate internal investigation. he is also anned a junkets procedure-. mr. winestein served in the southern district of new york and the district of columbia. the area served as u.s. attorney in d.c. anding then was assistant general for national security. he is served as fbi director rober
Jun 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
she knows you and wants you to join her. and how they use the network is the use of the connect feature to send messages. her daughter can send messages to everybody in the network letting them know how she is doing. they used to the calendar to schedule appointments and organize rides. they use the shared tasks and goals to organize larger events. for example, when joe was released from the hospital, she was unable to get back into her home because she could not get up the stairs anymore. they used the network to build her a ramp on saturday afternoon. they use files to share information about her and a place where she keeps her personal information. she has advanced directives, medical records, and so on that is not accessible to everybody in the network, but some of the members. there are stories and photos, a place where people can celebrate today, how to share memories, have the good times that were the essence in the past and in the present. you might be asking yourself this question, if you are a facebook user, how is different from facebook. it is what we called open soc
Jun 7, 2012 9:30pm PDT
to share with you a few things that users are saying at telling us about their experience. 91% says that it helps them share information. that is the number one thing that people providing support to us want. 80% says that it strengthens connections. how can using something on-line actually make us feel closer or more connected to our friends and family? out it works, the more connected the leafy zero with the more information we have. if any of you have grandchildren living far away, if they know that you have recently been to the theater or play cards with friends or had a family dinner, they feel more connected to you and telling the you have been to the doctor and all of those things. this is the way that technology can help people) distant connect with us. 75% of our users say that we work with others to provide care and support. today, ties is three years old, and we have learned a lot about lessons with the good life. our number-one lesson is that no one should have to face thelma's, disability, or caregiving on their own. there are growing numbers -- why we did pay attention
May 31, 2012 9:30pm PDT
because she could not get up the stairs anymore. they used the network to build her a ramp on saturday afternoon. they use files to share information about her and a place where she keeps her personal information. she has advanced directives, medical records, and so on that is not accessible to everybody in the network, but some of the members. there are stories and photos, a place where people can celebrate today, how to share memories, have the good times that were the essence in the past and in the present. you might be asking yourself this question, if you are a facebook user, how is different from facebook. it is what we called open social networking, and it is designed to create many relationships. this is closed and personal, it is an intimate space. i have a daughter that was close to 1000 facebook friends. it has no advertisements. no data mining, it is private and secure. it bridges the formal and informal world of care and support. and what we have discovered is that people that use a, what they get out of that is what we call the network of fact. we have jill in the center
Jun 19, 2012 7:30pm EDT
quote most efficient solar modules or wind turbines come out of the u.s. and be world leaders because it is a world market. >> let's jump to the audience.
Jun 21, 2012 9:30pm PDT
. and what we have discovered is that people that use a, what they get out of that is what we call the network of fact. we have jill in the center of the network and you can see on the upper side where you have a health care provider to put information into her fault about her health care. if you have heard daughter using the mobile application to update people on the go. you have the neighbor that tax the schedule to see when he is going shopping -- this is an illustration of a network of fact or network model of the good life. the neighbor says, always check on line to see what joe needs. the physician's assistant says it is easy to share the test results. the personal care worker says i've posted on the loose handrail and they handled it right away. her sister says, i am part of a team now, what a relief. out of this idea of the network of fact, one is that this is what joe wants. this is her key to a good life. her network is actually her gateway to a good life and her ability to stay home. and we will launch a touch screen interface for those that want to connect through video
Jun 14, 2012 10:30pm EDT
for the u.s. the main point being that, let's not forget we're outperforming the energy by a wide margin. thank you. >> well, thank you very much. let me start with a few questions. this analogy to what was done with sematech i think is an intriguing one. my recollection of that experience was that the industry itself, the semiconductor firms themselves and others came to washington and basically said we need -- we need to do this. we want to do this. we need government assistance to help us get started and we did that at the same time, the original members are u.s. companies. i think nac applied for membership and was not permitted to be a member at that time. was my recollection. i guess what i'm now sort of struggling with is, if there were to be con sor sha of companies to pursue their technology in other areas, how do we go about identifying that organization, is there a critical mass of energy that are u.s. based or that have operations in the united states that would want to do such a thing? i guess those are some obvious questions. mr. wolff, do you have thoughts on it? >> just t
Jun 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to determine the value of the u.s. continental shelf. as such, if the u.s. concedes to the convention, it will be making an open-ended commitment to transfer incalcuable sum. we know the following fact. exceeding could expose the united states to baseless lawsuits. they are full-time, not subject to appeal and are enforceable in the united states. finally, in regard to u.s. rights to mine the deep seabed we know the following facts. pursuant to u.s. law, long standing u.s. policy and customary international law, u.s. persons and corporations have the right to explore and exploit the deep seabed regardless of whether or not the united states is a part. these are the facts. collectively they indicate there are real costs and foreseeable risks that the u.s. will undertake if it joins the convention. proponents claim there are no costs whatsoever. the u.s. will only enjoy benefits for membership. if only the u.s. would join the convention, everything would work out just fine. in light of the facts, i believe it's the proponents claims that are based in methodology and bl
Jun 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
surveillance act was passed in 1978. to curb abuses occurring in the use of intelligence, foreign and domestic. it was not passed for the purpose of excluding all foreign intelligence from the u.s., but to regulate and separate foreign and domestic intelligence collection. collection of foreign intelligence requires that there is a collection of foreign intelligence that requires merely that there is probable cause to believe that an actor is an agent of the foreign government and foreign intelligence is a significant purpose of the collection. foreign intelligence collection is only a significant purpose of the collection and we are left to wonder what is the primary purpose of information gathering? with the patriot act, we headed members of the organizations and terrorists to the low threshold for collecting intelligence. fisa recognizes that it falls under the requirements of fourth amendment when persons are implicated. such a low threshold for intelligence with a low threshold diligent oversight and reporting is required to ensure that the collection is not dpr a broader purpose than nec
Jun 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
sustainable level. the focus and allow the u.s. to regain clean energy investment dollars in 2011. that said, it's unlikely that the u.s. will top the table in 2012. as policy appears to be particularly in the wind sector. finally, i would like to address the question of what is next for chinese clean energy companies. as the industry cools at home, many are now seeking opportunities abroad. china has a surplus of savings and a strong need for further investment to drive the economic growth, including more investment overseas. as government has encouraged the clean energy industry to do this. chinese solar companies have exploited their equipment to germany, the united states, and elsewhere for years. the chinese wind turbine and other clean tech investors have remained confined to the domestic market. in coming months, we anticipate chinese power companies and banks developing and clean energy problems abroad. not only in the united states but in europe and in emerging markets, particularly in latin america. at the same time, american and european clean companies continue to sell their prod
Jun 11, 2012 8:00am PDT
, the daughter of cuban president roh castro. she calls on the u.s. to release five prisoners in the u.s. who have been accused of spying on u.s.. we also talked about her fight for gay rights in cuba. she is a leading gay rights activist on the island. and then, will the real terrorist please stand up? >> what they do to us? they were disobedient in our hemisphere and they did not ask permission to take away property. they took away. they nationalized property. the u.s., on the one hand, has never forgiven them. >> saul landau on the history of the cuban five. today, they are allowed to live freely in the u.s. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has ordered new restrictions on airstrikes targeting alleged militants hiding in residential homes. the directive prompted the afghan government to claim the u.s.-led occupation force has agreed to stop bombing residential areas and homes altogether, but u.s. officials say that the attacks will continue, now under stricter guidelines. t
Jun 11, 2012 11:30pm EDT
intelligence surveillance act was passed in 1978 to cure abuses that had been used in the intelligence situation foreign and domestic. it was not passed for the purpose of excluding all foreign intelligence collection in the united states. but to regulate and -collection of foreign intelligence requires merely that there's collection of foreign intelligence requires merely that there's probable cause to believe that an actor is an agent of a foreign government. foreign intelligence collection is only a significant purpose of the collection. we're left to wonder what is the primary purpose of information gathering? and with the u.s. patriot act we have added members of terrorist organizations and lone wolf -- foreign intelligence collection falls under the requirements of the fourth amendments when the rights of u.s. persons are dated. such a low fresh hold for collecting intelligence, diligent oversight and -- broader purpose than is necessary to achieve the goals. we should not be surveilling americans by this low standard without some significant oversight. that's why we need clear s
Jun 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. -- feedback cards. i would love to hear it in e-mail form or you can call me. please use the entertainment commission as a resource, but be nice. you saw all of us today. we are here to help you if we can. we do have to issue some permits that those of you -- that somebody do not like, but there is. thank you. but the anniversary of the great earthquake was remembered. >> i would like to ask for a minute of silence. >> let's have a moment of silence. >> they meet for the annual reflating ceremony. he was joined by winnie for an afternoon celebration. we are here to commemorate all that it signifies. at each anniversary the leaders meet to prepare for the next great quake. bob welcome everybody to the anniversary. i got to say, the mayor gets it done. gooa round of applause for our e chief's wife. you look terrific. do we have sydney close five? -- close by. we will pass the microphone to the mayor for a couple of quick words. we have a fire chief and the police chief. >> good morning, everyone. 106 years since our earthquake. we do have a grandson? she was with us in 2009. goopublic works
Jun 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
department joining us. good >> good evening. i am here tonight to discuss a recently introduced ordinance, and if i could just get the overhead. this is the transit impact on development see. it provides funding to offset the impact of new development on the transit. this shows the currency, the proposed fee under the ordinance, and the nexus establishes the total cost of impacts on the transit system and identifies how much each of land use would have to be charged to offset the cost. it usually cuts out around 68%. there are a few policy considerations of this commission may want to review, which i may bring out of front, but i will go into more detail. the first is the fee of date changes some of the terms and conditions that apply in order to make a more consistent with the planning code. the result is that it applies on a smaller scale to more uses than is currently the case. under the transportation sustainability program, there is a policy credit program and established, which effectively offset some of the changes, and the commission may wish to consider recommending a policy prog
Jun 14, 2012 1:30pm PDT
districts, there would be a five-foot height bonus that would be an active use on the ground floor. that is in section 145.1. the outer since a commercial sense that cluster two would have shot down a second floor with a cu. and the new non active commercial uses, defined by section 145.4 would require additional use authorization. this shows steps proposal. we also recommend creating three new named ncd's, but we're recommending that the nc-1's not be included. and the others would follow the way they are organized throughout the rest of the city, which is by their street name. they would include the irving and judas street, noriega, and taraval street. the purpose of having named ncd's is tipper observe and enhance the district and allows for more targets the controls to encourage or discourage different types of uses. further, gripping neighborhood commercial districts over a mile apart defeats the purpose of creating a a namedncd. it does not take into consideration the unique characteristics of the district. recommending that the nc-1 districts remain the same, because there a
Jun 22, 2012 10:00am PDT
and residents facilities to encourage older adults to get more involved with physical activity using technology. we're going to spend the first 30 minutes or so demonstrating the wii. not only will we demonstrate how to use it, but we will doe demonstrate adaptive devices so that it can be an inclusive activity for all adults and children. my name is dr. chris thompson from the university of san francisco. go, dons. 1855. i have not been there that long. i am in the department of exercise and sports science. i think it is a good match for me to be demonstrating the wii, which is a good physical activity. i am joined on the stage by a student, not from usf, but from san francisco state. we actually talk to each other. this is mackenna. >> good morning. >> finally, i am joined by alicia from the independent living center in san francisco. it is great for all of you to be here today. people will be trickling in over the next half hour. we will give you a taste of what wii is like. we have set up the game. i will start by playing mackeena in a game of tennis. the interesting thing about wii is we u
Jun 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with respect to support of u.s. industrial base. >> all right. mr. prestowitz? >> yes. i recently drove over the new -- the oakland bay bridge in california, which is still being built. and, you know, the main spans of the bridge are being made in china and the reason for that is because initially chinese had a very low bid on the steel and fabrication of the main spans. it turns out they are way behind schedule and way overcost and california's not only not saving any money but also not generating the jobs it might have generated had it actually procured the bridge in the u.s. >> senator murkowski, go right ahead. >> thank you, mr. chairman. this kind of follows on to the chairman's question. i think we recognize that oftentimes, if we have a buy america requirement, that that may add to the cost. i appreciate you noting that sensitivity, that we've got to balance that. another area where we may be adding to cost is when we put in place federal requirements or mandates for production of renewable fuels, whether it's through federal or state renewable energy standards, clean energy standards
Jun 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
unify lending region. ssue jointds as a debt crisis. looking at all see what for fromss team. what's they? >> the actually that somewhateme court u.s. obama's health dampen now, u.s. day of choppy trade. d down but off theirlows. dow jonesh of at02. we're goingramin mellegar tokyo stock all of this in ad economic dts opened at some of figures whi markets opened. coming at. that's a slightly fr in april. was down for theour we producti at minus 3.1%. a row declines look at the knee cake x are kickingrning. indexes trading the 755.. health caound like it only mark but big amount of biggest sec economy which i care. rers traded to track the pharmaceuticals in takada which have major the u.s. and sell drugs there. just the u.s. fda approved for crucial focus there. the autoumbers for here yesterday.y showed a of those production may. well.mesticlso might subsidies run out inalso you the s yen does domestic autos here into overseas ai? >> well, yen,horics trad watching develop summit fairing factor we've been following the strong t th
Jun 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
holleyman. >> this week, a look at the software industry and we are pleased to have joining us robert holleyman, president and ceo of the business software alliance. if you would, start by giving us a brief overview of the software industry in the united states. >> and the business software alliance represents over 70 companies who are the world's leading innovators around software. we are as a trade association based here in washington d.c. because the u.s. has had a unique role in building the global software market which is about $300 billion a year now. we have 13 foreign offices, and went off for companies look to those opportunities, they are really asking us to try to help get the right public policy in place, allow those companies to grow not only here at home, but internationally. >> how many people were employed by the software industry in the united states? >> it has over a million people who are both directly and indirectly employed. estimated that as much as 60 cents of every dollar spent on software around the world comes back to the u.s. based companies. this is a remar
Jun 13, 2012 2:00pm PDT
one evening a month just for the rest of us to have a good time, the adults. >> absolutely. where can we find out what is coming up after dark? >> that is easy, exploratorium .edu/afterdark. >> thank you. thanks for watching >> it is 5:38, and the meeting is being called to order. if you could turn off all cellphone and pagers. public comment will be taken on each item. roll call. goo[roll-call] mr. president, we have forum. >> next item. >> you are out of approval of the minutes and the may 7, 2012,. >> do we have a motion? >> i move. >> second. >> all in favor. but that motion passes with five votes. >> item 3, as part of the city employee recognition program. >> thank you, commissioners. this is a good one year ago and i want to a knowledge of treasurer -- this is a good one. i want to acknowledge the treasurer and the things his office shows and to your streamlining the permitting process. it is making life easy for the business owners in this town, and i want to thank you for abouthat. we would not be here without these innovative ideas. i have been too many meetings where yo
Jun 7, 2012 7:30pm PDT
in a game of tennis. the interesting thing about wii is we use this little remote. just by moving our arms, we can control movement on the screen. you will be watching up on the big screen as we play a game of tennis. are you ready? all right. we will select two players. that is me. does that look like me? it kind of those -- of does. does that look like mackenna? that is not by chance. you can make the person look like anything you want. they can even look like aliens. interesting. we are going to play some great tennis today. ok. one thing to tell you, there is a little bar on top of the television. it picks up the movement of our arms. we're going to face the television as we play. here we go. how many of you are cheering for me? how many of you are cheering for her? what is up with that? [laughter] that is it. you are going down. we're going to play a single game of wii tennis. are you ready? all right. here we go. we're going to get intense. [applause] >> eco dash 15. -- 0-15. [applause] 0-30. >> she is currently destroying me. i will make a comeback. [applause] >> 0-40. >> t
Jun 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
is the judgment came down in april, 2011, which struck and revoked the conditional use permit that was it originally accepted by the board and planning commission. live nation and the masonic temple and the planning department and commission were required to go back to the court and present the continued findings to the court after approval. that has not been done. one of the requirement is that the california environmental quality act be complied with. that also has not been done. the fact that live nation and a masonic temple has sidestepped the ruling from april of 2011 is illegal and invalid. there was a lawsuit filed in may of this year. some additional issues that i would like to bring to your attention is that i requested a copy of the application so i could actually see the facts being presented to the commission. he refused to provide a copy to me. one thing i requested a continuation of this hearing stridency the actual request as presented. at issue is that there has never been a permanent liquor license within the masonic auditorium. it has only been a lot -- and e
Jun 22, 2012 12:00pm PDT
something new. thinking about a new approach to technology, using technology differently. maybe it will be your first time in beijing with a computer. you might feel a little bit like a fish out of water. i really do understand. i am the very last person that anyone in my circle of friends and family would have ever thought would be heading up a tech company. i never thought i would either. i can tell you, it is a slippery slope once you get started on technology, so i thought i would take it a little easy and introduce you. maybe that wasn't the kind of mouse you are thinking about, how want to tell you a story. this is a mother mouse. she was walking down an alley with all of her about slayings of a lovely spring day. as she was walking down the winding road, out of the bushes comes a big cat. it charges its back and hisses, the mother mouse gathers her little children around her, and looks the cat in the eye and goes, ruff, ruff, ruff. the cat, stunned, turns and runs away. the mother bows looked down and says, let that be a lesson to you. never underestimate the power of the
Jun 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
give us the time to begin to grapple with something we all agree we need to do on a bipartisan basis which is to reform the whole tax code. i think the republicans and democrats agree that we need to do that once again. >> as the leader and speaker just said i think folks on the other side of the aisle in part of the presidents team are coming to the realization we have to do everything we can to start growing this economy. it is about economic growth and job creation. that is what the small businesses are telling us. that is what working families are telling tus is time to focus on job creation. the biggest impediment to that is the small businesses of america feeling that it is very difficult right now to predict where they should move and how they should allocate their capital because of the unknown in the tax rates. that's why all of us are saying let's say it to the american people we're not going to allow tax rates to go up on anybody. we are going to pursue tax reform because all sides agree we have to do something to make our code simpler and fairer. >>> one of the bills on t
Jun 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
for the >> the violence in syria has fueled diplomatic tensions between us and syria allies russia and china. after new talks to the g-20 summit in mexico, president obama said the two sides remain far apart on a response to the violence. >> we had a very candid conversation. i would not suggest at this point the united states and the rest of the international community are aligned with russia and china in their positions, but i do think they recognize the grave dangers of all-out civil war. >> violence has erupted along israel's border area with the gaza strip and neighboring egypt, leaving scores dead. at least six palestinians have been killed in a number of israeli airstrikes over the past two days, including two teenagers. palestinian militants have also fired several dozen rockets into israeli territory. the violence broke out monday when militants from egypt's sinai attacked israelis building a new separation barrier, killing one israeli. meanwhile in the occupied west bank, palestinians are accusing jewish settlers of setting fire to a mosque in a village near ramallah. the arson appeared to be
Jun 27, 2012 5:30pm PDT
it is for us to strive to keep our theater is going, etc. i like to think that i'm not struggling quite as hard, personally, but what i mean by that, the intention, the commitment. particularly, to produce works that would not be produced in other places, and also to really nurture women of color artists. i think that is something that has not shifted for me in those 25 years, and it is good to see that brava remains committed to that kind of work. ♪ >> when people talk about the reflection of the community, we can only go from what we have on our staff. we have a south asian managing director, south african artistic director, latino community out rich person. aside from the staff, the other people, artists that we work with being a reflection of us, yes, the community is changing, but brava has always tried to be ahead of that trend. when i came in, i tried to make it about the work that shows the eclectic mission district, as well as serving the mission. those are the types of things that i feel build one brava is all >> please look on the mayor of san francisco. -- please welcome at the ma
Jun 9, 2012 12:00pm PDT
you enjoy the great opening act? thank you so much for joining us tonight for san francisco's asian pacific heritage celebration. yes. and that is giving u.s. side of things to come, but i want to tell you what about the opening performance that you saw. it was proudly presented by the american center for the philippine arts, and it means a "from the village of." it is alive journey of the man struggling with the responsibility. the untapped and dynamism of the folk dance. it was created by the choreographer and performed by san francisco dance artists jonathan mercado, henry lau, maritoni madrano and kimberly requesto. give them an opening applause for that act. [applause] as for this group here, we request that you stand for the singing of the national anthem. >> ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ who's broad stripes and bright stars through theh perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the ni
Jun 29, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the treaty would be a boom to the u.s. economic growth by providing american companies with the legal certainty and the stability that they need to hire and invest. it would codify the u.s. legal rights international shipping lanes and delay and service under water cables and to develop vast amounts of oil, natural gas and minerals off the u.s. coast and in the deep water sea bed. the treaty would benefit several industries keen to economic growth, job creation and u.s. competitiveness. it would benefit the energy industry by providing sovereign rights to seabed resources' 200 miles off our coast. if certain geological criteria are met, the zone of the sovereignty could extend to 600 miles or the so-called extended continental shelf. proper delineation of the extended continental shelf could bring an additional 4.1 million square miles of ocean floor under u.s. sovereign rights, an area larger than the lowest -- than the lower 48 states. the treaty would also allow the u.s. to have a u.s. expert elected to the international body that determines the claims in the arctic and there are g
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 13,297 (some duplicates have been removed)